Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am bereft

I have mislaid my favourite pencil, and 2nd favourite pencil (which is of course identical to first favourite only shorter) is not good enough.

How am I going to check off the weeks invoices if I don't have my favourite pencil?

This of course means that my office has returned to shambles and OCD treatment possibly needs to be revisited.


Anonymous said...

Think you have problems? I am totally spun out deciding what to wear when I go out with you on Saturday. Not sure I have any bi-wear...

unPC lesbian said...

it's ya own bloody fault for losing so much weight blog for lesbian fashion, it might give you some hints...ooohh, tho the high fashion legalettes are coming too, so you might ned to dig out the designer labels......NOT THE VELVET COAT THO, yummy that it is

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