Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 2 of the "Inbetween Employment Experience"

Yes, I really should have started this yesterday but I ended up being very busy. The first woman I never shagged was in town so had to "do" lunch and trail around with her while she indulged a some retail therapy. I then went for a 9k run, and finally back home to finish the wine from the night before. (Have just found that apparently I opened another bottle as well, but as this week is being classed as "holiday" that is allowed)

So now onto day two. All current job applications are in, and am contemplating one more even though it may not pay enough. A position I had applied for at a major competitor has now been changed from full time to fixed term, but have said yes to that. So today is being devoted to working out, no point doing any house work as it's inspection next week so don't want to do it twice.

I'm off now to do a baby weights work out. As I'm waiting for a second injection in the shoulder I've been restricted to back work, biceps and machine triceps only. No lifting over shoulder height, or above 90 degrees and no swimming. After my coffee ration and low cal lunch (apparently last night I also inhaled most of a packet of chocolate sultana pasties) I will head out for 7k on the road in the last of the nice weather for the week.

Then it will be time for a wee bit of book in the sun and ending up with making dinner, consuming the rest of the wine, and getting the video programmed for tomorrow. I could get used to this.


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I live in a rental property, a very very lovely one too. It gets a site inspection ever 4 months...kind of a timely reminder to clean the oven, weed the deck etc etc

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