Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've just been to the gym to do a weights workout and give the body a big shock in preparation for lasagne eating. As I was leaving my eye caught the notices on the wall, one was asking for expressions of interest in a circuit class (I LOVE circuit) on Saturday mornings.

Guess who's name was at the top of the list - Little Drummer Boy!!!

LDB, you are soooooo sprung. You know it will be unbelievably rude to not say hello next time our training paths cross!


little drummer boy said...

Of course now you have to actually turn up to circut class. Nicks' excited about the first female for Sat mornings.

The evening classes are generaly populated by the ballerinas!!

unPC lesbian said...

but but - 10am is so uncivilised, I won't have had a coffee. whimper.

Bloody dancers, this years crop bit keen, they keep hogging my favourite treadmill. Not Happy!

little drummer boy said...

I know!!. And a few of them get onto the cables as well.

Very hard having all those young things surrounding me, dressed in their little hotpants and sports bras!!.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes there are several who are a bit distracting. Is odd that they are still so keen this late in the year, usually the enthusiasm fades. And only one hot boy, the Asian andro one, funny that.

Have you seen wheelchair boy? His arms and shoulders, swoon, HOT.

little drummer boy said...

Sigh, the older I get the more dodgy I feel checking out the dancing beauties.

I agree AA is quite tasty. although I thought you'd have mentioned their new gym instructor. She's a shorter, blonder version of a particular T.V personality you adore.

unPC lesbian said...

I fear the Goddess Jillian is VERY short and said blonde instructor is possibly same height or more, and yes have eyeballed her definition and shape, she's hot! And so is andro asian boy, and he's there more often!

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