Thursday, August 26, 2010


In the last couple of days life has thrown me one of those curve balls.

Or to quote the words of Neneh Cherry:

 that goddam bitch called life has made me cry
I think I'll poke her squarely in the eye.

Over the last few days I've been dealing with some emotions that I prefer to not have in my life, so to get them out of my head I am going to vent them on others more deserving, so...

ANZ Credit Cards: You dumb fukkers. I changed my address by secure mail on 29 June, I have just checked, so why do your records not have this showing until 27 July? That is why I have received no statements, nor the new credit card you sent me that you now have to cancel. I have been to my old house, which is still empty (yay, divine retribution for the landlords being so parsimonious about lightbulbs) and there is no mail there. Which leads me on to.....

NZ Post: Why the fuk have I paid to have my mail redirected when you can't seem to do it? Do I get a credit for every item not received? Will the sale of goods act or fair trading apply to your slack service?

Ooooh, and while I'm on a roll, IRD, you fukkers gave me a timeline of 25 August to have a response to my application for a reassessment, still waiting.

I am going to the Fetish Ball on Saturday, and while I may not have sorted life by then, hopefully it will put me in a better frame of mind and normal chirpier transmission will return.


Phil said...

It's a conspiracy. Wear a tin foil body suit and you may elude them.

Unknown said...

NZ Post are bloody useless these days. We send out a hundreds of snail mails a month and quite a few of them never arrive at their intended destination. That's not including returns to sender even though the recipient address including postcode is correct.

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