Monday, August 23, 2010


At the moment I am suffering from some constant allergy/sinus issue, and everyday as soon as I walk outdoors I start weeping and snivelling. I currently have a wee red rash on my face as well which of course is very sexy. This proves, as I somewhat expected, that both the type 1 and type 2 antihistamines I currently take are working brilliantly.

As the weeping makes my make up run, leaving lovely black streaks, I occasionally venture outdoors sans maquillage to avoid this unkempt look. Today I went for a run at the gym in this state.

As I was sorting my bits and getting ready to run, Little Drummer Boy arrived and said hello. I was holding the menopause fan, as I has been moving it to place by my treadmill, when vanity kicked in and I attempted to hold the entire conversation with him with the fan held in front of my face.

Much later on when I was stretching I realised that girl logic had kicked in as well, as I didn't want LDB to the naked face and sinus eyes, but it was TOTALLY ok for him to see the red faced sweaty mess bouncing around on the treadmill. Go figure?

Girl logic rocks!


Anonymous said...

Not that I suspect it would work for you (if you're already using antihistamines) but I get rotten hayfever so I take garlic/horseradish with vitamin C.... seems to keep things at bay (or else I'd have to use antihistamines everyday which isn't good). You do get garlicky burps tho. I've also heard that swearing off dairy etc also works but I've never been arsed enough to try that.

little drummer boy said...

Still, you still managaed to look sexy despite 'pollens' best efforts!!.

Good move with the fan. Not only does it keep you cool, but it keeps smelly boy smells away from you. I sometimes it use in the hope that people realise I'm not the smelly one there.

unPC lesbian said...

that is MY fan, and I've been known to go and cry at Andrew and make him get it for me if someone else has it and won't share!!

Did a full weights today, need inspiration tho. Did ask A but he mentioned the nasty ab word so I blocked my ears and ran away. Big cardio tomorrow, try for 10k.

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