Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life on the Edge

While I was out having a drink with a couple of friends last night before we went on the fabbo show, the topic of conversation moved to the exciting things we had done the night before, Friday night.

Below is a photo of what one of my friends had done for their Friday night entertainment.

Funnily for some reason the words pillow princess spring to mind!

I then started on the scintillating story of what I had done on my Friday night and proceeded to describe in great detail how I had spent my time on this site, and here trying to find if it's the svchost.exe file or the wuauclt.exe file that is giving me grief. My research is telling me to delete the C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore directory file, but I'm dithering.

I then woke my pals up and we went off to the show and had a grand night.

So You can see from the threads I'm reading that it's a fairly recent issue that is annoying the fuck out of people. Make it go away!


nzm said...

Send me the details.

Windows version?
Anti-virus installed and what?
What exactly is happening?

unPC lesbian said...

Oh swoon!

xp, avg free, 'zactly what is says on the threads, either svc thing or the W one start running, and slow, stall and jam the puter for about 40 mins. I'm thinking the w one and an update time issue?

and a curtsey as well I think!

The Russian said...

Damn,the pix of my nails came out really good! I might want to steal it for my portfolio

unPC lesbian said...

Full jpg on it's way.

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