Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another one for Little Drummer Boy

Weekend Workouts.

Even though I was awake in plenty of time to make it to the 10am circuit class, the thought of working out before I'd had coffee made my body cringe, so afternoon run 10.5k. ( and yay, wheelchair boy came and worked out in front of me)

An all over session.
10 minutes bike as there is a new supply of trash magazines.
Lat pull downs 37.5k
Back fly things, (don't know proper name, done lying on tummy on a bench) 5kg
Kneeling Row 14kg
Pec deck 32.5kg
Single arm preacher curls 14kg
Seated bicep curls with twist 7kg
Arnies 5kg. Still only doing really low weights with shoulders, whimper. Want Shoulders!
Swiss ball skull crushers 17.5kg
Another 10 minutes bike to finish the trash magazine I'd started earlier.

And now it's beer o'clock.


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