Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Life in Haircuts

While I was looking for a particular photo last week (one of myself and my first car) I came across a vast collection of old images of myself and the ever changing haircuts. I have scanned a selection of them, so here you are readers, my life in haircuts.

This first one is from the start of my working  life at some work party. This was the days before fancy straighteners and curling wands so to get that look you had to plait your hair when wet into a myriad of small plaits, wait for it to dry, endure a day of frizz so that on the second day you got the gentle wave effect. Also note the micro thin eyebrows, possibly only one hair wide.

The hair gradually got shorter. I had asked my hairdresser to cut it all off but he wouldn't so he gave me a compromise cut instead. This was the hair cut that ended up on the catwalk.

Next a new city, and a new do, well on the way to getting it as short as I wanted.

This one is from the full andro and celibacy years. I see I have make up on so that probably means a certain drummers girlfriend had been visiting, my only femme crush, EVER!

Now the Bowie meets Keith Richards look. I used to have random miniature plaits in odd places. This is one of my favourites. This is also before "product" was invented so you can see why I use it now to keep my hair down, not up.

Moving on to the finely cut mullet with christmas cracker toys hanging from my ears.

Followed by a full 80's pom pom taken just before I moved to London.

And ending this section with the post London have to grow it out because the hairdresser melted sections of it from over bleaching. This was also the start of the I'm sure I can conform and do this heterosexual thing phase of my life

There are many many more, the blonde short and long, a red bob, plus another brief phase of long and, shock horror, natural colour, but this little collection is enough for now.


nzm said...

that last one kills me! ;.)

unPC lesbian said...

That's harsh NZM, harsh!!!

Phil said...

Kewl! Wish I had pix of my self-cut student hair.Or ...not

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I too toyed briefly with the 'glasses chain' accessory a some point, until I realised that there were no circumstances under which I wanted to hang my specs around my neck because I couldn't see anything.

unPC lesbian said...

the cord were for some reason a mid 80's fashion. As those were sunglasses the cord actually was functional for going in and out of doors.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! I want more!

unPC lesbian said...

awww...will see what I can do anonymous.

Phil said...

the cord on the sunnies seems far more sensible than the sunnies on top of head fashion, which I hate.
(Hairgel on your lenses, they fall off backwards, it looks silly indoors)

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