Sunday, July 4, 2010

All Done

The move is complete, in the sense that everything has been taken from one house another. The essentials (beds, internet) have been set up so now it's just the task of unpacking the sea of boxes. I did have a wee moment  of panic when I thought there wasn't enough floor space to place all the boxes, but they all fitted.

Not Good Point: The movers smashing the fancy low slung glass light fitting in the dining room of the old house (I neeeeeed all my bond back), and using the boxes clearly marked fragile as the base to stand other boxes on top of.

Good Point: Dinner at a new local eatery where they have paper on the table tops and encourage the patrons to write and draw on it by giving them pencils. There were none on our table so I pulled a pen out of my bag to which the child said, "why is it that the only pen in your handbag is pale blue and sparkly?"

I'm currently hiding in bed, about to go to the market and hoping the unpacking fairy will visit while I'm gone. I forsee another trip to the dump today.


nzm said...

and - you have internet!

Well done!

unPC lesbian said...

Sound system up and going now and have lovely jazz on active and sun streaming in....too blissful to want to carry on unpacking.

The Russian said...

The name of the new eatery,please? Sounds king of funky-I want to try it.
Was in your town yesterday (Sat) morning briefly (had to collect my mail from ditribution center-drama with mailboxes at my place).Didn't text,knew you'd be knee deep in moving.Had a coffee and a muffin in a little cafe underneath the mail distro center (1 Hall st):grumpy owner, muffins are brought from elsewhere (they are the same exact kind,taste,texture,etc as the ones at the Coffee Club), BUT they were willing to make me a HUGE BOWL of coffee for extra $$$,although they normally don't offer it. So all was good in the end :)

unPC lesbian said...

walk futher up the road next time and try Mrs Greek, Kialis - not a muffin but a scone, swoon worthy!and perfect coffee

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