Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hormones vs OCD

Impromptu quiz time everyone - is it hormones or late onset OCD?

I have just unknotted and tidily rewound every power, phone charger and computer cable in the house.


Bryan Spondre said...

Time to get a GF ?

unPC lesbian said...

What? - Singular? NEVER!

The Token Sinner said...

I am in awe. I am amazed by people with tidy piles of cords, as opposed to the chaos that lurks beneath every power plug in my flat.

How goes the new job?


unPC lesbian said...

Don't fret doll, the cords are rapidly becoming all messy again.

New job is cool, tho I feel a bit underworked and underutilised - but hey more money, less hours and less stress, I'll cope with it.

OMG Just realised you're almost thru your second year. What's your major? I seem to think you were looking at law at some stage.

The Token Sinner said...

How time does fly. Flagged law and am doing Marketing Management and Communication Studies. But shall hopefully be returning to Welly next year for an internship. Oh the joys :)

Meanwhile am in the midst of coming out turmoil...Beloved Pater is threatening to excommunicate me. Is all rather amusing, not to mention fabulous blog fodder.

unPC lesbian said...

ha're only a wee baby tho at the vast age of 18.5, so still time to add a law degree in there!!

Yeah I'd caught up on your blog and saw your news....wonder what would be easier for him to handle you be a lesbian, or the other scenario of you playing on both sides of the fence?

Now to go and check if I have your email so I can stalk you on facebook!!

Bryan Spondre said...

You stalk people on Facebook ? Creepy.

Do you ever track down anyone famous ? :-)

unPC lesbian said...

yeah thats right Bryan...I learnt it from the child, she has a PhD in Bebo stalking.

And yes to famous - Adam Lambert!!

Annie Fox! said...

Hormones would make you want to strangle someone with the cables, not tidy them! Definately OCD type behaviour, but as long as you don't keep on putting them in order I wouldn't worry about it. Put it down to spring cleaning, a common activity when you get a new job.

unPC lesbian said...

agreed Annie, all is back to normal disarrayh now!

Bryan Spondre said...

If we are going to play the pop psychology quiz show game ladies how about OCD with manic depressive tinges ? :-)

Personally I let things get messier and messier till my frustration overcomes my laziness.

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