Sunday, July 26, 2009

One for Little Drummer Boy

I've gradually been allowed to get back into lifting weights and this week got the all clear to start lats again, not long to go till project shoulders will be back in action one hopes.

So, LDB, today's work out was:

10 minute paddle, 3 sets lats @ wimpy 30K, 3 sets of nasty shoulder lift thingy on the mat, 3 sets machine seated row @25k, 3 sets back flies with 4k dumbbells, 3 sets kneeling row @14k, 3 sets single arm preacher curls @ 12k, 3 sets concentration curl @ 7k, 3 sets machine triceps @36k, 3 sets single arm triceps back drops @ 5k, 10 minutes stepper, then 10 minutes bike cos they had a new trash magazine.

For some reason the gym has purchased new free weights that go in 2kg increments, so I've lost my faves 7.5 and 15kg. One hopes after the sports Doc visit this week I'll be allowed to lift over my head again. The next 4 weeks will also see intense bicep workouts as I start trying to sharpen them up for the ball. I'm kinda liking the idea of the super femme dress and heels paired with pumped up arms.


little drummer boy said...

Hello again.

Great to hear that the body is slowly responding. Although no exercises for the chest??.

Nothing sexier(although I can think of some things)than a svelte lady with firm muscles, dressed in a very feminine frock.

Incidently, I've seen advertisments for circus fitness for ladies. Looks quite fun. Some of your burlesque perfomers, I gather, do amatuer circus stuff as well.

unPC lesbian said...

Still limited on chest work while concentrating on s group of back muscles that I can't remember the name of. 1 chest set to 4 back ones. I usually do a swiss ball superset of flies and press trying to sneak in two things...but obviously forgot for some reason that day.

Have had the sign off from the Doc, so now allowed to cautiously approach lifting weights above my head again and light shoulder work.

oooh, circus fitness sounds cool, tho I am kinda taken with the pole dancing workouts as well.

Anonymous said...

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