Sunday, July 26, 2009

International Lesbian gets an Award

Cactus, while you're out of town International Lesbian got some kind of awardy thingie at an event called Most Extraorindary Women in Finance 2009 - Benchmark & HBC, but judging by the 102 pictures in the album on facebook, a few other women got awards too. And you would have thought the facebooker could have spelt extraordinary correctly as it's splashed all over the backdrop.

Still, well cool and congratulations, and I must say her new profile shot on facebook is hot, Hot, HOT.


Ms Gotlucky said...

Isn't she looking gorgeous! What a great award to get.

unPC lesbian said...

I've never seen her wif makeup on before...scrubs up well doesn't she! Go check out her new facebook profile shot - H.O.T

Cactus Kate said...

Does extraordinary mean she's only lost million for her clients and not billions that the straight males have done?

Cactus Kate said...

Bloody hell, just seen the 102 shots. Typical chinese function - cheesy as fuck and someone plays the piano (they all can as it appears compulsory in curriculum).

IL's most amusing feature is that she TOWERS over the others. And she's a midget :-)

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