Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New Burlesque

I have an event on at the end of August that I have been booking entertainment for, and this has meant I've had to go to various shows to check out the performances. Such hard work I know, but someone has to do it.

As I have my finger firmly on the pulse of what is hip and happening in Wellington (and my tongue firmly in my cheek), I can categorically tell you that Burlesque is the New Big Thing. I'm talking the classic burlesque of risque seductive moves, innuendo and suggestion, and if breasts are ever fully revealed they are covered in gorgeous sequined pasties. Now there's a good job for a backstage dresser, fitting the pasties. There are no sleazy split beaver shots, no gratuitous nudity, and all is designed to entertain the viewer.

I have booked two of the acts I saw at the "Ready for Take Off" show, and I've managed to find a video of one of the gorgeous gals for you, it also helps that she's doing her act to a haunting Massive Attack tune. So push play and enjoy.

Addendum: Forgot to say, if you ever see Eva Stranglove is performing somewhere, go see her, Uber UBER H.O.T.


Bryan Spondre said...

Are you familiar with Anne-Marie Weinert ? She is a burlesque performer and actress from Chicago though I am not clear on her sexual preference :

unPC lesbian said...

no not familiar but of course will head off now to look. And by private email I'll send you a link to another very HOT trend and some cool images.

I forgot to mention Eva Stranglove, and will amend the post, but if you ever see her on the bill somewhere go see her....H.O.T

The original event caterd to all sexualities....burlesque without borders

Bryan Spondre said...

Thanks. Will check out the links in your email during my coffee break at Dellows :-) Given that Dellows is frequented by primarily Herne Bay mums, gay men and lesbians (who sometime cross over with the Herne Bay mums) it will be entirely appropriate.

I have come across Eva Strangelove here:

unPC lesbian said...

that's her...she's HOT. ooh, I sent the other links via facebook email, yes please do open it up amongst the Herne Bay Mums and their brats...I LOVE juxtaposition!!

Anonymous said...

No fair. Share.

If not, why not.

The Token Sinner said...

Mmm. Thanks for sharing.

unPC lesbian said...

ha, ha, anonymous, yes it's true I've been sending a white heterosexual male titilating lesbian and T boy links so he can look at them in a trendy coffee shop full of Herne Bay designer Mums and their brats. I'm GOOD!

Bryan Spondre said...

"a white heterosexual male" - you forgot "middle aged, balding" :-)

Will understand if you don't publish this comment.

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