Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Shoulders and Arms

This was going to be a post about how excited I am that I managed 3 sets of Arnies today. Only 5 reps at 5kg, but it was my first shoulder workout in 6 months. Yahoo, slowly, slowly getting back there.

Of course at the mention of the word shoulders I can't help but touch on the state of Madonna's shoulders and arms, since images have been flooding the media today. So here we have a little photo essay from the unpclesbian perspective.

First up is HOT, yum yum....beat me any time woman.

Next still uber uber HOT, possibly even better that they were in the image above, definitely *thud* pick me up off the floor material

Now the start of what's got the media buzzin, not pretty, but not overly yuck, still looking like a few good Kiwi roast dinners could help a bit.

And finally the image that's got the media spinning. Not pretty, one does hope she'll stop whatever it she's doing and go back to toned and bulky, not toned and sinewy.

She also seems to have had some more weird face stuff done as well and you can see some images here.

I do hope she gets over whatever the current obsession is and gets her physique back to the hot HOT shape she used to be.


little drummer boy said...

Photo's in "schleb" magazines are'nt always the most flattering.

Madge looks a little to pumped in some of those shots, making me think she may not look so vascular if she's just sitting down resting.

Personaly I've always found her more sexy when she's been less muscular.

Glad to see that your up to doing Arnie presses. A sure sign of a slow but sure recovery.

Cactus Kate said...

Oh fuck that's freaky on bottom!!!!

Ms Gotlucky said...

Thanks, babes- I am now starting to wonder if it was a skinny free-range chicken I just popped in the oven or Madge.
I've lost my appetite.

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