Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shoulders Everywhere

Seems you can find hot shoulders and arms in all sorts of places these days, just a shame everything else in this picture is just wrong!

Laughykate is the one who got me addicted to this site - hours of amusement.


laughykate said...

But what about this one...

The horror....the horror.......

*runs aways and hides in the wardrobe*

unPC lesbian said...

Yeah I'd seen that one. I'm a dedicated fan of the site, guess I should put it on the blogroll.

Any more you find let YOUR fans know promptly. ta!

Your book? Published when?

laughykate said...

Still waiting for a home. 'I really liked it, but we've just comissioned something in same vein.'

Etc etc yawn. Shall keep on hunting until I get really bored - at which point I shall bury it in the back garden.

Except I don't have one.

unPC lesbian said...

but you may have some very interesting soil arrangements around your plants instead.

At least you finished the book. Keep trying. Must gohassle Mrs Smith and see how she's getting on with hers.

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