Saturday, August 22, 2009

Continuing with a Theme

And yes Facebookers I have already put it up there, however just continuing with the shoulder and arm theme. I don't really know much of Joan Jett's music or life, but she must be somewhat interesting as a movie is being made of her.

In most images I've seen of her, and the ones I've used on the ball poster, she is usually dark haired and cute, but there was obviously a time when she was a diesel dyke, all short and bleached. This video is from then, don't know what year it is. You don't even really need to put the sound up as it's all about the shoulders and arms.


Sarah said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment - I am definitely going to try swimming!I don't know anything about Joan Jett,but I see what you mean about her arms and shoulders and I love her eyes.Think I'm going to try and paint her... S

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