Sunday, August 9, 2009


What I should be doing, going for a run as I missed out yesterday. What I am doing, eating my entire bodyweight in carbohydrates in an attempt to cure the hangover from last nights Lesbian Vampire Party. Awesome night, though I do fear I may now need to join that Facebook group called "unknown drunken injuries".

As well as the great costumes people had on, the heaving cleavages and lashings of blood everywhere, the great venue and food, the most special part of the night was when the whole room sang for the birthday girls. We had been discreetly handed lyric sheets for bastardised versions of two well known songs, and with encouragement of the comperes everyone sang heartily. Neil Diamond will be spinning when he hears what happened to Sweet Caroline.

While I was partying here, the child had headed to the Bay for number one daughters combined 18th birthday party. I chose not to attend that I got the impression that parents were sorta not welcome. The Sperm Donor didn't take that message on board though, and in the weeks prior to the party there was much friction and drama from him and the Stepmother about attending the party. In the end the Stepmother was ill and didn't go, and the Sperm Donor spent much of the night cleaning out vomit in the boys toilet. There is justice in life sometimes!

Now maybe just a wee lie down before I go pick the child up from the bus.


The Token Sinner said...

Unknown drunken injuries? I feel the pain.

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