Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I have been very quiet of late due to work interfering with life. Today I start the 12 days, or should I say nights, oh dammit days AND nights of Christmas. I yearn for 16 December when it's all over, bar the counting of the loot, oops, sorry....revenue.

I have a Christmas tree in a box in front of me that needs constructing. I am practising positive avoidance with it. I had to construct one last week in a 20 minute window before an event. No one told me you have to fiddle and tweak every little bloody branch on the damn things, there are 694 on this one. When I finally got it to almost resemble a tree I was then told I had to put all the stuff on to are staff, that's what I employ you for, normally you are fighting each other for the chance to decorate the tree.

My initial plan was to spray it with glue and throw things at it from a distance finishing with great lashings of glitter. For some reason that was frowned upon so I very unlovingly INDIVIDUALLY attached every bloody item on to the tree, they then told me that the stuff was meant to go on to 2 trees. I did wonder why I couldn't see any green anymore.

And if anyone asks me again where the fairy is for the top of the tree, you know the answer, he's in the basement running the switchboard.

I think I need a drink.


Amanda said...

oh dear that just sounds too difficult. I think i need a drink just reading about it.

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