Thursday, November 29, 2007

Child Abuse # 5

"Maaarrrmm" the child whined loudly, "do you know where David Beckham is staying?"

"Yes", I replied.


Cactus Kate said...

Oh dear. That WOULD kill her.

Especially as Mummy could possibly get that brand new Man Utd/Real Madrid/Galaxy soccer shirt signed?

P.S: When you do get the signature make sure you get a photo for authenticity, don't ruin the shirt with signatures from players that don't matter, don't get child's name on it and use permanent marker - worth much more at auction that way on UK eBay ;)

unPC lesbian said...

As much as Mummy would like to take a wander through the newly refurbished property they are staying at, I'ts END OF MONTH....then once the number crunching is done I have 2 somewhat complicated Xmas trees to put together....yes I know, anal Virgo, don't trust the plebs to put them togehter properly!

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