Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The pain....the agony.....

A month ago the extra personal personal trainer suggested a change in our workout routines as we were getting a bit stale and can't be botheredy. The change was to do one month of cardio only followed by one month of weights only.

I now think that at the time I had a minor attack of sudden onset Alzheimer's and my concentration stopped at the word cardio....lovely cardio.....blissful cardio....run, paddle, bike, run....cardio, cardio,cardio. That is all in the past now.

Never ever EVER again will I take a month off weights. We have done 2 sessions so far (back and bi, chest and tri) and covered all the major muscle groups. I am in agony, I am currently typing this using a pencil in my mouth as it hurts too much to move my arms.

The extra personal personal trainer also omitted to mention the A word which is now included in the weights sessions. Abs. I have spent 25 years of gym memberships avoiding doing abdominal workouts, why should I start now? I like my marsupial pouch, I never expose it to the general public, and when I have saved up for my Trinny and Susannah knickers no one will know it exists.

I fear I may end up doing a Pankhurst and chain myself to the treadmill before this month is out.


Storyteller said...

No workout compares to a good run. But, that's just me :))))

unPC lesbian said...

I KNOW, I agree...but I need to increase my muscle mass a bit to make the fat burning on my runs more efficient.....all in the name of vanity so I can eat and drink what I want.

Also I LOVE the endorphins from running, and don't get the hit from straight weights, tho oddly it's the opposite for the EPPT, and she goes all silly after 10 minutes of heavy lifting. Humph

Storyteller said...

I tried weights a couple of times in my life, but it's just not my thing :)

On the other hand, if I miss a day's run, I'm slowly going crazy.... :))))

Cactus Kate said...

Do body pump. I've been telling you this all along. 3 times a week and no woosy weights. Pile them on.

unPC lesbian said...

I know, I love pump but I

A: can't afford the outrageous $25 for a casual session at the gyms that do it, or

B: afford the memebership to said gyms.

I normally do combined routine mixing up weights and cardio ....and since work is so manic at the moment I know my gym visits will be few this month.

I have been promised a run in the midle of the month if I've been good!!

Mrs Smith said...

Running is bad; you inevitably spill your drink ka boom tish. Goodness, what an active lot you all are. I'm too lazy to go the gym.

unPC lesbian said...

That what the sipper bottle are for! Great for a G & T as it stops you suckin on the lemon, but not so good for Champagne as the jiggling tends to make it fizz out the top.

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