Monday, November 12, 2007

oh damn, I've done it again.....

I have 1 car too many. Ooops.

Buy far the biggest drain on my income the last 18 months has been the bloody car. I would even go as far to say it matches child upkeep in $$ value. These are $$'s that could be much better invested in clothes, shoes and fine wine, not keeping my mechanic and BMW spare parts dealers in pink buns and cigarettes.

I have now bought a Nana car, a genuine Nana car. Sadly the Nana had passed on but the car keeps going. It is liitle, cheap to run, and spare parts are not an issue. Unfortunately it does have a back seat so the child can fit in but only with her head at right angles and resting on her knees.

So all you watchers who are hovering on the edge of my auction, push that button know it's a bargain basement price....just DO IT!


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