Thursday, November 15, 2007

To skirt....or not to skirt

I went for a little wander yesterday to get some fresh air and my stroll took me through the grand old Nana Kirk's. I had gone in there ostensibly to look for a pair of work shoes but reality was to fondle the shoes that go with my birthday handbag.

On my way to the shoe department I felt a beacon calling to me...look at me....look at me it of course I looked, and oh my I was transfixed. It was a gorgeous skirt in such an adorable retro print with little meshy frilly bits at the bottom, a symphony of loveliness.

I resisted.

This morning I had a little cruise through the Sartorialist and he is talking up the virtues of fun skirts.

I don't think I can resist any longer.

POST UPDATE: I succumbed to the call and went and tried it on. It was a tiny weeeny bit snug, and I said to the assistant that "I may I need a size 14 but you don't have one". She then looked closely at the skirt and said "this is a size 10, it was on the wrong hanger". I didn't hear what she said after that as my brain ceased all logical activity and could only hold one thought..... I fitted a size 10, I fitted a size 10, I fitted a size 10!

The size 12 fitted beautifully, lust, want, covet. Normally I would throw caution to the wind and whip out the credit card, but it's had so much action lately it's a bit tired and needs a rest. So all you indecisive watchers who can't make up your minds about buying my extremely cheap car, HURRY UP AND PUSH THE BUY NOW BUTTON!


Charlie said...

That is such a gorgeous bag!! :)

Mrs Smith said...

That you fitted a size 10 is an omen. You must buy the skirt. Or, if you must, use the un-sold car in a ram-raid and steal it.

unPC lesbian said...

oooh....I like the idea of a ram raid, but it would destroy the M.A.C cosmetic counter, and that would not be good.

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