Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cars, Clothes, and Dancing

I have sold the BMW! Phew, one drama out of my life. I did briefly consider changing my phone number so the purchaser couldn't contact me in the future but then figured as he got it disgustingly cheap he has to expect a few niggles, and yes all BMW's do that funny surging thing when in full lock, it's a feature.

I saw Brenda at the traffic lights yesterday and she said she didn't recognise me as I was in in my Nana car. NO BRENDA the correct response was you didn't recognise me because of my long hair and fabulous new sunglasses!!

I bought the skirt. Girl logic ruled. The car didn't sell at auction last week so I bought the skirt to make me feel better. Or, Girl logic #2, the children's father had put money on my credit card to cover their passports, so even with buying the skirt the credit card balance had been reduced. The manufacturers website still only has winter garments on it so I can't show you a picture of its fabulousness.

I have had my hair cut so the hair crisis has been temporarily averted for the next 6 weeks when no doubt it will take over my life again. So all you friends who were so non helpful during the current crisis, you have 6 weeks to form some helpful suggestions.

I have been sent a link to the discount shopping malls in Melbourne in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Gosh, I don't think a trail of crumbs will suffice for finding our way around them, will probably need a GPS and a little overnight tent in case of emergencies. Number 1 daughter insists on looking at EVERYTHING before making a purchase. I fear we may be gone for some time.
And to all you Wellington Lesbians it's time to dance. Saturday 1 December, VIP bar on the third level of iMerst. Some lovely girls have organised this. The doors open at 8pm so you Nana dyke's can have a night out AND be tucked up in bed by 11pm. All the real dancers of course will just be starting by then, and I assume those that want to carry on through the wee smalls the main dance space will be happening by then.
See you all there.


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