Monday, November 19, 2007

....still laughing hysterically...

......and no not from the last post on "Rants of a Married Lesbian" as that would be too cruel, even though it does epitomise every bad stereotype of American lesbian culture, you know, what do you do when times get tough, shag someone else of course. I digress, I am laughing hysterically from the insurance company's quote to insure my new (old) car.

The new car is a Nana car, a little 1.5 litre of not much grunt. Yes it does only have 2 doors so technically can be called a coupe, however for some unknown reason the insurance company has decided that it is a high performance sports car desired by boy racers. This is a car that I don a fake nose, glasses and moustache disguise to drive in, just in case someone sees me in it. The 2 ltr mid-engine Targa top MR2 sports car that I used to drive I class as a high performance car.

The insurance company is trying to charge me almost twice the premium I paid on the MR2, and twice what I currently pay on my BMW which is a larger engined car and twice the value of the Nana car. I contacted the local Toyota dealer and they had a good laugh as well.

Discussions are continuing..................


Mrs Smith said...

Take the nana car and ram-raid the insurance company's office. Steal all their pens. That'll teach 'em.

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