Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fashion Crime # 2

I went a Civil Uniony party thingy last week, oddly it was a hetero couple from offshore doing the civilising thing and not pair of a dykes. I've wanted to blog about it, but as the party was held by close friends, and knowing they read this I've been stifling my urges as one is very mindful of excrement and backyards.

However, there was one fashion crime there that I can suppress no longer, and as the culprit is not part of the inner circle I am safe.

This young slim woman was wearing straight jeans with a crease ironed down the front.

I'm guessing she irons her sheets and towels as well. Maybe Mrs Smith could hire her to iron her house before Herr Relative arrives.


laughykate said...

A crease down her jeans ? The only possible explanation could be she was pressing flowers in her flower press and her jeans accidentally fell in. Or she lost them underneath her mattress and found them a week later. Surely she didn't MEAN to do that?

unPC lesbian said...

I put it down to excessive endorphin abuse from years triathalon, followed by meltdown from a current golf obsession....or then again, both those things on their own could explain it!

Mrs Smith said...

Actually, interesting you should mention this. I was thinking of buying a trouser press. Seriously. Not sure about using it on jeans though. Sounds a dangerous satorial path to meander.

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