Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The New Diet

Isn't it odd how you stumble across something wonderful when you least expect it. It's how I'm feeling about my new diet.

I'm calling it the "C" diet, and it consists of living off nothing but coffee, chocolate and cocktail food. I have reached goal weight, my clothes are starting to hang and I haven't even started on the final "C" item, champagne.

I'm refusing to accept that the 60 hour weeks, no weekends and high stress of the last few weeks has contributed at all, and I'm planning to continue the diet over my entire holiday break.

I expect to be of mere sylph like proportions at the end of the next four weeks.


Mrs Smith said...

Trust me - leave the Champagne out of the equation. It's my undoing, so I know. I have become ginormously fat in the last few weeks, thanks to Christmas functions.

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