Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello Again.....briefly

Gosh it's been a while since I've been here, can I remember how it all goes. I'm now mid holiday and having a wee child free break between adventures to rest and recuperate and build up reserves before attacking the malls in Melbourne with teenagers in tow.

We survived Christmas day with all my family (seething martyrs) and the paternal Grandparents. I did start muttering at approximately 10am never ever again, remove my phones and computer if I ever talk of a family Christmas again. Grandad did well though. He drank two and a half bottles of wine all on his own. He started on a red which he consumed at a moderate rate, then during the post lunch 45 minute walk he killed 90% of a chardonnay, then started on the one bottle of GOOD wine that I obviously hadn't hidden well enough. Not bad for a 79 year old. Still can't understand why I was instructed to ensure their hotel room was a twin, but they then only slept in the one bed.

We then managed a few days in Auckland sans enfants. I've just been checking the bank balance and had a wee chortle at the eclectic list of eftpos transactions. Everything from the Ponsonby Pool Hall to Dorothy's Sister. We did a major stroll through Mrs Smith country, so close and yet so far. I thought there was some hideous freak show on, but after reading Mrs Smiths latest posts I realise now it was just the locals with their straightened urine yellow hair and nicotine yellow fake tans.

We were obviously the most striking and gorgeous couple that Ponsonby road has seen for some time, with a stranger begging to take our photo's. Sadly I had my travelling handbag with no business cards in it to hand out, so haven't managed to get copies of said pictures.

The chocolate and cocktail food diet has failed with severe anaemia and an ear infection setting in. That coupled with being banned from ALL exercise by the physio has meant the super svelte physique is fading. I so LONG to be able to run again. I so LONG to see the belt on my jeans when I sit down as well.

I am now about to go and break the news to the children that in order to catch the plane tomorrow and fit in their standard preening they will need to get up at 3.30AM. Child abuse # 5 methinks.

The Melbourne weather report is predicting over 30c most days for the next week, bliss. I will melt.


Mrs Smith said...

Who took your photo? I am intrigued. Was it a local astonished at the sight of women without the urine and nicotine colour combo?

Mrs Smith said...

poohs, what's going on? Why are my delightfully-worded comments failing to appear?

unPC lesbian said...

It was foreigner in the company of some gay boys.....I think she was amazed to see 2 hot looking lesbians that weren't fat and eating all the pies.

I've been away, shop shop shop.....just got back to my computer.

Mrs Smith said...

And no dog too. Lesbians seem to love dogs. And pies. Sorry I missed you - perhaps another time!

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