Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flatmate Wanted

I was informed on the weekend that the flatmate will be moving out shortly, so I am again on the hunt for a new flatmate and shamelessly networking everywhere, including here.

On offer is a double bedroom with built in wardrobe and a private office/lounge in a large sunny house with fabbo views. There is the added extra of the teenager, plus all the usual electronic and cyber necessities one needs to survive. There are of course all those white things that cook, chill, wash and dry your various items of clothing and food, and heat pumps. Lovely heat pumps.

So if you are looking for a new place to live, or know of anyone who is, you know the drill. Just comment me with your contact details and I will give you further information. Comments will not be published.

I am now back to madly chanting and visualising the super cool flatmate I am going to get to ensure this becomes a happy experience.


The Token Sinner said...

Good luck! Our flatmate hunt recently ended with the installment of Bisexual Bogan. (Angry Departing Flatmate was sick of the search). I fear he may provide blog fodder aplenty.

unPC lesbian said...

ooooh, I await with baited eyes to read of him.

Not having much luck at the moment tho will go to speedrenting http://www.speedrenting.co.nz/ on Wednesday.

Sounds odd but fun

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