Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silver Lining

For the second time in six months a male foreign national has run a stop sign and smashed in to my car. Well, to be exact, the first one drove through a red light and munted my brand new number plate. This current one went through a stop sign and damaged every panel on the passenger side of the car. I had managed to swerve, so avoided totally losing the car, even my panel beater commented that I was very lucky.

I of course had a wee verbal melt down on the side of the road, which included such phrases as, "fukkin males, the only panel you haven't damaged on my car is the roof!" I started to call the police, but the driver pleaded no. He admitted full responsibility and said he would pay for the repair. I told him he had 24 hours to pay up.

I took the car to the panel beater the next morning who gave a quote. I passed this information on to the culprit, and the next day the full sum was sitting in the bank. 

So the silver lining is that the bad driver was so desperate for me to not report the accident that he paid immediately. And, my panel beater is so keen on a cash job that he's going to paint the bonnet and bumper which I couldn't afford to do with the last repair. So, in a week or so my little Nana car will be back to one colour with no outlay from moi!

The German Goddess thinks I'm mad getting it fixed as all it really needs is an indicator light to pass a warrant, but I'm doing it to avoid rust, and so she will look all pretty again and not a clown car. To be continued.


little drummer boy said...

You did'nt think about pocketing the cash and getting a new car. The foreign was'nt Kim DotCom was it????.

unPC lesbian said...

LDB, same scenario as last time. The car only has 83,000 on the clock. To get a car with that mileage would cost twice what the repair, once again is more economic to fix. This time is better as no outlay from me.

Nope, not Dotcom, a nationality the hire car companies would like to charge higher rates to due to the large predominance of accidents.

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