Monday, February 25, 2008

Icelandic ramblings

I've just been having a wee look at my ever so intriguing site meter stats, something I'm getting quite obsessed with, lovely little word and number statistics that keep changing. Gosh I'd better watch out or the next thing you know I'll be asking Mr Farrar for a job. However, I digress.

I see that I had a reader yesterday from Reykjavik in Iceland. (it's ok, I won't tell that your were searching on "lesbian wet dreams"). As you know I have a wee soft spot for Iceland and a few things Iceblock, so I've decided to honour my new reader by giving them a competition.

Please go and look at this post and see if you can guess what fjord I'm standing in. Your prize? Well lets see if you can guess the fjord first........


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