Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After a brief discussion over at Brenda and Sandy's about leggings, here is the image that I couldn't insert.

Please note the bagging around the knee's as again this is in the days prior to lycra being put into everything, and also the result of climbing up the side of the fjord. The leggings were a master piece from H & M and were a 4/4 rib knit which expanded brilliantly and lasted through 2 pregnancies. The boots are Monkey Boots (of course) with 2 pairs of socks, white rolled over black.

The hair, well there's no excuse except to say this is what happens when you live on a remote fjord in Iceland with no access to hairdressers, decent bleach, or continual and regular alcohol supplies.


brenda said...

that's what i mean! now who can possibly be happy about that look coming back? (not to imply that you don't look lovely of course) but ...

unPC lesbian said...

Oooh, I'm waiting for the nasty printed ones that look like your Nana's curtains that flooded Kmart and Farmers at the end of the last legging phase.......and that doesn't seem that long ago!

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