Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have a nasty cold and that coupled with nasty work means I have not had a run for over a week. This means that my dopamine, serotonin and all other general endorphin levels are very low so I am extremely foul tempered.

Therefore when a client asks rather sarcastically if they are going to get teaspoons the answer of course is "fuck off and use your fingers".

I think I should keep my door shut today.


Mrs Smith said...

"Fuck off and use your fingers." Good retort. Multi-purpose too, as could be used in a wide variety of situations...

unPC lesbian said...

I know....the one I really have to bite my tongue with though, and it's a question I been at many venues is "Do you have toilets?".

I want to scream, NO, we're a 260 room property but no one thought to install them!! Or as previous employer of a large winery restaurant would say....."see that large field there....."

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