Friday, July 20, 2007

Nicole Ritchie lookalike Winner

....or maybe it should read "when ACTivism goes bad"..........

As we all know in some cases white collar crime DOES pay, but what I can't understand is the obsession with the Annette Presley/Christine Rankin look, and the person who did her "colours" should be shot.

If I asked nicely do you think she'd pay my childrens school fees?


Mrs Smith said...

Eeeeeeeee... what's that white lace scrap in her hair? Was this photo taken in the early '80s?

unPC lesbian said...

No, it's a very recent picture. In the 80's she was a normal sized full activist Maori with the hair colour and curl of her true heritage. Have tried to find an old pic but I think all trace of her natural looks has been deleted.

peterquixote said...

yes good post UN PC,
its tough,
i used to be within the ACT brand
but then when we only got 1%, jeez i thought
mebe i wrong,

peterquixote said...

mebe this happen to you smith,
know all,
travel comfortable,
know nothing

Cactus Kate said...


Her skin has gone pale.

unPC lesbian said...

I know Cactus, tho I refrain from any Michael Jackson comments.

Odd, because she wasn't an unattractive woman in her younger "natural" days.

Mrs Smith said...

"know all,
travel comfortable,
know nothing"

Love it. Quite perfect, Peter. I shall have that put on my gravestone.

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