Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lesbians and IQ

One of those random you do. Was mulling over the fact that most of the lesbians I know have a degree, some have 2 degrees, and a couple are even PhD's. So naturally from this I can extrapolate all sorts of interesting trivia.

1: Most lesbians are of higher intelligence than their heterosexual counterparts ( I look forward to Cactus's response to this)

2: Higher education turns women into lesbians (heh heh go CK!!)

3: This reinforces the belief that sexuality is genetically driven as these women will have thought long, hard and intelligently about succumbing to their sexual desire and attraction to other women.

4: Explains why historically it was thought that education was wasted on women. They would see the light and reject the male of the species.

I'm sure there are many more sweeping generalisations that can be gleaned from this. Think I'll pass it on the the cartographeress (bachelors) and see if some fancy graph or pie charty thing can be made from it.


ABL said...

I think this reflects your social circle more than lesbian intelligence in general. !POP! bubbles bursting can make an unpleasant sound.

brenda said...

very true, have you talked to people at our bar much? ;-)

unPC lesbian said...

yeah yeah, I know, I do have a friend in Auck where you can clearly hear the brain cells rattling...but....however.....the only people I talk to at Our Bar are people I know, so I'm back to the beginning again.

I still wanna believe we are of superior intellect, pleae don't burst my bubble.

Barnsley Bill said...

Or maybe you are all studying really hard to fill the yawning chasm in your lives?

unPC lesbian said...

Sorry Bill, we're all over with studying and now enjoying the rewards of those years at the books

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