Wednesday, July 18, 2007

40 Hours and counting

....So, 16 years ago I was still in labour. By this time I had hit the 40 hour mark and the medical professionals were still aiming for the holy grail of "natural" birth.

As you can imagine I was deliriously excited when at one of the regular probes they announced I was 2cm dilated. Maybe I had taken the instruction to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles a little too far.


peterquixote said...

got some more to tell about the 16 year old yopu know,

unPC lesbian said...

I have only published this comment to point out the fact that if you are incapable of writing in a gramatically correct manner, or even spelling correctly that your words have make no sense at all.

One tends to wonder why you bother trying.

peterquixote said...

where is your ability to write

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