Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Like Mother?

The child is getting all precious as she is modelling at this event on the weekend. She was only mildly precious to start with as she originally was only modelling for Egg, and wasn't relishing the idea of wearing a fake belly, (I have had to resist chortling loudly at the idea of the 17 year old bean pole in maternity clothes) however over the last few days there have been Major Developments.

She was sent to a fitting on Monday at the Calvin Klein store, the clothes are crap apparently, then on Tuesday was emailed and asked to go for a fitting for Sophie Burrowes. It turns out the stylist for that label saw child at the Monday fittings, and wanted her for their clothes as the model they had been assigned was too gifted in the mammary area. Child is ecstatic as it turns out this label is the ultimate of coolness. I have filed away for future reference the fact that a lack of breast tissue is a Good Thing, and no longer can I be berated for passing on the small breast gene.

Of course, as this blog is all about me, I have been recalling my own brief foray into the world of clothes horsing, and for your amusement have dragged out the only surviving digital images. In this one I was wearing clothes from a wee label called No Pussyfooting who had a shop on Kitchener St in Auckland.

I wish I'd been allowed to keep the shoes, gold lamĂ©. Sigh.

The other image I have put up here before. I was wearing clothes of my own and I had my Opera going shoes on. I was doing a still shot for something but I really can't recall what. Oh well, as they say, if you can remember the Eighties you weren't really there. I do remember that the trousers were a size 10, one would NEVER forget an important fact like that. (though one is trying very hard to forget that they were waist high)

Again sigh, as I wish I'd kept those shoes. Peep toe stilettos, very fashionable now, and I won't even start on the sunglasses. Uber sigh.


Anonymous said...

Love the gold calf high bows - they're almost a bit pirate-like.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes, I'm sure there was room for another few bows on that outfit!

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