Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Wine Wankery

I went on a date this weekend. I guess you could call it a practice date, as it's been a fair few months since I last went on one that I had to remember how it all worked.

We met at a wine bar and after the second glass I found I lapsed into a bit of wine wankery. I have since been told that I was being informative, but that may just be politeness talking. However, I had been looking at the wine list and was saying how I read these lists by the name of the winemaker and their palates, then started rattling them all off.

Oooh, I've now just thought of a good game. Phil, you may want to play, Kenniff you can't for obvious reasons! On this wine list there was; the sperm donor, Tim Turvey, John Hancock,  Gavin Yortt, Tony Bish (swoon), some Rod McDonald, many Peter Cowleys, a few Grant Edmonds, and I think a Kate Radburn.The game is, name these wineries, a chocolate fish for each one you get right.

I ended up chatting with the Wine bar owner a bit as well, as I'd got on to the topic of Grange Hermitage and the shocking prices it commands since Robert Parker rated it so highly and the American market pushed up the price. (see I told you it was total wankery) The owner then asked of my involvement in the industry, so I told of my working in the business, and of my long term connection with the sperm donor.

He then said, "G***** has done a couple of winemaker dinners for us this year, I've caught up with him a few times." It took all my willpower to resist saying. "lucky you, that equates to about 15 times more time than he has spent with his children this year". Three hours per year really is not acceptable.

I will now put my claws away and carry on with my night.


Phil said...

Hmmm ... I think you'd outscore me easily in that game!
Anyhoo - the worst wine wankers are usually the ones who did one night school wine appreciation course - and then try to hold the vinous high ground among their peers. Though ... there is a FaceBook person I know who does know his stuff, but then described the nose of a red as 'new car'!!???

unPC lesbian said...

Awww, you're no fun. not even gonna give it a go? Big clue, they're all Hawkes Bay wineries!!!

Agree re wine wankers, however there is an even sadder sub group whom I refer to as wine groupies. They tend to turn up and simper at said winemaker dinners.

May aim for a weekend in Auck early Nov, should do a wine tour as I have NO idea of the Auckland wineries these days. I used to have a soft spot for St Jerome reds.

Oooooh, runs off to facebook now!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the wine, how was the date ? !

Phil said...

Yeah - the wine groupies are a bit sad. (And they all want to TOUCH the winemaker). Gaahhhh. Most winemakers are very down to earth people in my experience.

Some of the biggest tossers are the winery owners who just employ the skilled people, and then wallow in any wine accolades. And they usually say 'wayne' insted of wine.

unPC lesbian said...

it was a very nice evening of good conversation, wine and food.

MsGotlucky said...

clearview, esk, squaking magpie. park.. fuzzy on the others.. i spend a lot of my time with a bottle in front of me. do not confuse alcoholism with wine wankery. and tim turvey is the best bloke ever. ever. he'll be doing a tasting here on wednesday if you want to touch him..

unPC lesbian said...

very good darling, you got three!

Tim, Weds, remind me. Where's he tasting at? Ooh, someone left a wine thing on my chair today with a hot pic of Tony Bish, Filf, swoon. Maybe he will be tasting too?

The Russian said...

I know first two: Esk and Clearview.. Do I get two chock fishes?

unPC lesbian said...

absolutely, I'll put them in the muffins!

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