Monday, October 25, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

I've been told off from afar as I haven't been blogging enough lately, but as I haven't been doing anything other than work there's not been a lot to comment on. Had a massive week last week with another coming up, but yay I get to head off and play in Auckland at the end of it.

The main topic of discussion this week has been what I refer to in the title. When I left the gym yesterday I got a text from first born saying "62% ATTENDANCE FOR THE YEAR, WTF". That meant she had arrived home and read the sisters final school report. When I got home first born was bristling with indignation about it. It really winds her up that the sister just isn't trying, as she thinks the sister is far smarter than herself, so she can't understand why second born is cruising and just scraping in with the minimum marks needed. First born is smart, but is also a solid worker which shows in her A- average for her first year at Uni.

On Saturday I went on a little road trip and caught up with two sets of old friends, both of whom have children of similar ages to mine. At both houses the first born was there studying madly for first year exams, and the second born was nowhere to be seen. The second child syndrome was discussed in much depth. Sadly we have all come to the same outcome, and that is to just let them be and learn their lessons the hard way. In each family the second born thinks they know everything, can't be told anything, and refuse to listen to advice from parents or other siblings. We have had enough of being abused or ignored so have let them be, sigh. At least I know I'm not alone in the issue.

I am continuing in the usual method of child discipline, and she hasn't had any internet for most of a week. She has been out a lot, but is now home and ill so I guess the chores will be done soon. Below is a pic of why the cable gets removed. This picture is a few weeks old, but the room is back to the same state.

For those of you on facebook the picture is up there and at the request of Cactus has been tagged to identify items.

I have just finished the great window cleaning adventure, but I see now I may have to  revisit some parts. Oh well, at least the pollen crust is gone. Now off to clock up a few k's on the treadmill, as the weather man lied and it's too fukkin windy to run outside, and hopefully throw some weights around to finish with. Oh my, it's such a scintillating life I lead.


Anonymous said...

She'll change her ways - once she wants someone to stay over - ain't that reassuring ? !. It ain't probably gonna be happening in your house tho.

unPC lesbian said...

The funny thing is tho, if she communicated at all she would then find out that she's been able to have overnight "guests" all year - but yeah, won't happen at home cos it means she would have to clean it up.

beMuse said...

Hahaha I'm third child...does that make me even worse? Doesn't help that the careers advisor people at uni keep reiterating how little grades actually matter in the job application process.

unPC lesbian said...

Sad to say darlin but you exhibit classic third child behaviour!

Lets catch up for drink and some mayhem over summer, now that you're legal. I love throwing fresh meat to the lions!

beMuse said...

Sounds like a plan :)

Anonymous said...

Huh... wut ? ...ok, get get a room u two - and oh, have lotsa "fun" !.

unPC lesbian said...

eeer, as much as I like them young, sadly as hot as Ms beMuse may be she is waaaaaaaay too young, and a tad too femme for my tastes.

However, throwing her out to the masses and watching their reaction at fresh meat is ALWAYS a fun thing to do!

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