Thursday, January 20, 2011

R.I.P Jarvis

I am officially over the seagulls. I appear to have been made seagull monitor without consultation.

Last Thursday my swipe card had barely finished going bing on the reader, when I was summoned from two directions. Jarvis was lying on his side and couldn't get up, the entire family was gathered, fretting and unable to help. Seemed it was my role to fix. [memo to self; include in JD] Fortunately by the time I had managed to get the day kicked off, then focus on bird and get rescue number from kind friend, it had disappeared. Today I got an email from the stockbrokers saying the SPCA had called to inform them of the demise of Jarvis due to excessive wing damage. Must have been the first fall. Bugger. They are quite un-co though.

Today I had another seagull rescue email, this time from the librarian. An adult was trapped in the access area to the helipad. I went up to investigate and found a large dumfuk sitting on the window ledge looking out and making futile attempts to fly though the glass. The entire area is open and had it turned round it could have seen and gone up and out, but it wouldn't move from the shelf. I figured it was a male, so went inside and told the librarian that it was exhibiting the basic male identifier of "more balls than brains"  thus it was his seagull to take care of. I only do Mothers.

I'm sure there's more to my life than seagulls. It really can't be this sad.


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