Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birth followed by almost Death

We had birth over the weekend. I was there sweating it out all weekend but didn't check, so on Monday morning when we had new babies I was as surprised as the rest of the staff at their arrival and cuteness. I got the first baby photo today.

Jarvis, as I'm told he is called, had a near death experience today. I think the father was baby minding while Mum had her first fly about in weeks. Jarvis fell off the planter box this afternoon! Bad child minder! However, Jarvis spent a mere nanosecond near death on the ground because an office worker from level 12 ran out, braved the squawking screaching Mummy, and scooped Jarvis straight back into the nest.

To be honest, it really is level 12's seagull and not ours, it is their deck. We're only voyeurs.

This is my life?


Anonymous said...

This is your life?

Nothing wrong with voyeuristic bird watching!

I love your life!

unPC lesbian said...

heh heh - voyeuristic bird watching - yeah, that's happening in my life too! ........[runs off laughing smugly]

donnasoowho said...

The little baby is just too cute. Pity it grows up to be a 'rat of the air' (or whatever they're euphemistically known as). I'm always in two minds about whether one should 'mess with nature' - on the other hand I used fly spray, so I think I would have gone and rescued the baby too.

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