Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yet Another Office Update

I promised Scuba Nurse I would put this up.

One of the year two's got into the office on Monday morning to find that this had happened to his work station.

It does explain the random question I'd received from one of the summer clerks about catering packs of foil. I'm glad I deterred them from raiding the kitchen.

I think the year two quite enjoyed it and didn't want it to be removed as it meant he got to work in a REAL office for the day. One with walls and a door.


Jody said...

OMG - I so love the commitment it takes to do this shit.....it's entirely frivolous and pointless and and and......

unPC lesbian said...

I know! Didn't have time to take lots of pics, but the stapler was my fave. You can just see the selotape holder on the edge. His coffee cup and drink bottle looked cute as well.

They did it on Sunday, and filmed it to fom part of the Xmas skit. I must say I'm amazed how good I've been cos I downloaded the files for them yesterday and I DIDN'T LOOK!! I want to see how it all fits in on the night.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I change my mind, I want to work here, I'll work weekends! This looks fun... I need fun!

unPC lesbian said...

Work Hard, Play Hard is the motto! And most of all be creative.

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