Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Advanced Silence

Yeah yeah, I know - I have been very lax at writing, but I still haven't found my writing mojo. I have however found my download mojo now that I have an external drive, so I have been catching up on lots of movies and the odd tv series. Lip Service is one I recommend everyone to watch, very cool, very hot.

I have also been back in full training mode, more so this last two weeks as I'm doing the "must lose some kilos before I go on holiday so I can eat it all back on again" programme. I've reached a pleasing level with my running and am now running 10k just as a warm up, and am sticking to moderate weights work outs. So, on that note, here's a wee pic for you Little Drummer Boy.

Only four more sleeps till San Francisco, so I promise I'll write more when there as NZalien has kindly said I can play on her iPad. Swoon. Au revoir.


little drummer boy said...

Gorgeous!!!!. So who took the photo??. I guess from the height not the hunky guy in the wc!!

unPC lesbian said...

oh god no! Wheelchair boy is so HOT I couldn't talk to him! Of course now that I have lots of lovely new work out gear from SF I should take some more pics.

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