Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Francisco Day Three

It's been three busy and exciting days, and starting off with that deja vu feeling of having Saturday all over again was very cool as well.

I landed just after 10am on Saturday and got through customs quickly than out to the lovely NZAlien waiting to pick me up. We went home briefly for coffee then out to see a few sights. First up the classic icon of Golden Gate Bridge. 

I can see why NZAlien says trying to run over the bridge is a pain, it was clogged with tourists.

We then went to the Embarcadero for a wee wander and a yummy lunch of seafood and bubbles plus a stroll through the market stalls where I did the little dance of pleasure at the size of the crabs. I was then taken to the equivalent of the Warehouse, a place called Costco. Sensory overload on so many levels, the amount of stock to purchase, and people watching. I did manage to make my first purchase, a bottle of Veuve Cliquot.

Sunday was a massive shopping mission to a large outlet mall in Gilroy, where I finally got off the starting block, and purchased vast amounts of running gear, and a few other items. We then went to Santa Cruz and had more seafood then a walk on the boardwalk amongst the masses. These are a couple of the locals I saw on the pier, one of them was laughing loudly.

This also amused.

And as it's summer I couldn't, to quote Lou Reed, watch football on tv, but baseball was on.
We went on the roller coaster, it was a wooden one which makes it even more special.

Today I have just been exploring the Mission, which is the area I am staying in. Firstly I went to NZAliens favourite sports store and stocked up on running shoes, then the rest of the day I have been wandering aimlessly just looking at life and drinking bad coffee. Had a kiwi moment when I saw Pohutukawa trees in bloom on one of the streets.
I do love being in a new country and all the new experiences that involves, however the public toilets are one I need to master. My Mother taught me to pee without sitting down in a public toilet, but the ones here tend to flush on their own accord, a bit alarming, and messy. Also crossing the road on an intersection with no lights, I feel a bit like one of those sideshow clowns with my head swiveling in every direction. 

Tomorrow is another wander and explore day so will head for the Castro and get me a bit of gayness.....and hopefully a decent coffee!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Costco! Was so sad to leave it behind in melb. There's something fabulous about a 48 pack of bog roll.. Sounds like you're having a fab hol!

Juli said...

San Francisco is my former home town. Love your Kiwi moment. But disappointed you had bad coffee. I used to think SF coffee was good? Oh, dear.

unPC lesbian said...

San Francisco, Yosemite, the Californian coast, everything was wonderful. Food and coffee, horrendous!! Is good, no post holiday weight to lose!

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