Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello...anybody out there?

Hello that the sound of echoing silence I hear? Yes, I know I have been very bad blogger. Funny, it seems my blog posts stopped at the time the new job started. 

Ok, so life moves on and now I am trying to think of what has happened in the last six months. I am single again. Funny how that happens with such regularity, and it seems I must be getting used to it as I managed to process the break up in record time this time around.

I've had two ski trips this year one with, and one post the German goddess. I am still recovering from the knee injury incurred on the last trip, but it will not deter me, as soon as I can I will be  on the slopes again next year. 

Firstborn has finished her exams, and has one summer paper to do then her degree is finished. Secondborn is still in Australia. She came over for firstborns 21st but sadly it was not a pleasant experience, we are all still processing that one.

I'm on the countdown to the trip to Europe, only seven weeks away. This one is Zurich, Milan, then five days each in Barcelona, Berlin and Paris, then back to Basel and finally Zurich for the flight home. I'm away four weeks in total. I'm already pondering the next adventure, and want to do Vietnam, Cambodia and tick off Angkor Wat next year - if Jetstar would just play nicely and put out some more of those super cheap airfares I purchased for my last Asian jaunt.

I am slowly learning Spanish in my attempt to keep dementia at bay. I've lost my study mojo the last few weeks so I need to sharpen up a bit. I've also got distracted by the new phenomenon of MOOC's so am looking for a study topic there.

I'm still running, though just sticking with the 5.5k, and still lifting weights, but need to do more of that. Am looking forward to summer and getting some serious road time, though not as serious as NZAlien and her 50 miler - that is just insane!

So that's it, the last six months in a nutshell. 


Anonymous said...

Goodness lots going on! You seem to be keeping out of mischief. I don't blog much now either. It's like blogging was so 2006-2011. It's all twitter ...

Your trip sounds exciting. V jealous!

unPC lesbian said...

LOL, agree re the date thing - but, I am not going to succumb to twitter!!!

I've decided to be a bit more like NZAlien and keep this going as a diary.

Must go and catch up on your blog, I guess your baby will almost be at school!!!

little drummer boy said...

Good to see you're still in existence. It was youself I saw as I was walking to work last week?.

WFC still the same, although there seems to rash of young pretties who insist on changing in the cardio area not the changing room. How is a man approaching 40 maintain pure gym thoughts??!!.

unPC lesbian said...

Jah, it was me waving madly from my nanamobile on the way to work.

Gosh< i've not seen the young pretties disrobing in public - but then maybe I'm too busy enjoying all the new treadmills - so much choice!

Cactus Kate said...


unPC lesbian said...

Facebook just seems a different arena...tho I guess that is where I'm putting my politics at the moment.

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