Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Deja Vu

Anyone remember this story? And this one? Well it seems the man involved has forgotten.

Today as I was racing up Lambton in my manic search for the right make up I was tapped on the shoulder. When I turned to see who it was, you can imagine my surprise when I saw it was him. I didn't break my stride, as nothing can stop a woman on the hunt for the exact shade of foundation she needs, so he was compelled to walk at the same pace as I.

He started with the usual compliments, and commented on how I look so different now - my hair is blonde, not a great difference. We exchanged pleasantries about work and then he came out with it, "could we meet up sometime?" he asked. I stated that I was busy, much to busy with no time to spare, and doubled my pace and left him behind.

I did spend the afternoon chortling away, but do wonder; why would someone persist even after being rebuffed each time, and in the case the last encounter slightly humiliated. I guess the old motto 'more balls than brains' is the only answer.


little drummer boy said...

I read your original post. Unbeliveably funny!!. Perhaps as a hetrosexual(well 98%)male of the same age as him, perhaps I feel a pang of sympathy.

Perhaps he's waxed up, buffed up and manned up enough in his books to, to feel as though he's got another shot with you!

unPC lesbian said...

Somehow LDB, I don't think that would be so. I

I am however interested to hear about your 2% non hetero male!!

Oh, and check out - you could be my friend and share work outs!

little drummer boy said...

2%. Well I think that any straight man that likes to look at muscle magazines(really just gay soft porn)has to be, well.......

unPC lesbian said... to persuasion - or just appreciation? lol

Had my last gym visit today before heading off to Europe early tomorrow - next exercise; running three major cities!

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