Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where's the Contraception?

Last night while waiting for the new ginger haired boy show to start I ended up watching the "Mitre 10 Dream Home" show, only because the initial story on 60 Minutes was too heart wrenching for me to bear, being the mother of 2 teenagers addicted to text.

Part way into the Dream Home show the contestants met with a bank representative to work out what they could afford on a mortgage, in case they were not the lucky winners and shock horror had to PAY for their house. Bank girl quickly went through a few normal financial questions, and all their responses were aired. The blue team were boringly normal but the yellow team left me gobsmacked.

Now I know I'm verging into Cactus country here but I was shocked. When asked what the husbands income was, the response was $15.50 per hour, the wife's income was nil. They were then asked what their family assistance was and the response was $475 per week.

I do support parts of WFF, well the parts that apply to me, and I do feel that full time working parents should have some form of tax relief, standard in other countries including HK and Australia. I am a single parent in full time employment supporting myself and one child receiving no child support, or any state assistance. I get a modest little tax credit under WFF, but even after that I still pay well over $200 per week in tax which I used to think helped to run 1 pensioner, and felt ok about that as eventually it will be my turn.

However, as the show progressed, and the interiors of the houses were finished the couple were given a "special gift" from the presenter, this being a beautiful (she says with her finger down her throat) framed family photograph. Now this is where I got totally poleaxed. The yellow teams family photo had Mum, Dad and 6 children in it, 4 of which were toddlers. Holy Fuck!!

Hello.....do I need to say anything else.......

Both parents in the yellow team had student loans but I guess neither thought to study contraception. I am now having incredibly nasty thoughts along the lines of "I hope they lose". Why should they be rewarded for having 6 children on no income and relying on my tax dollars to survive. If they can figure out how to enter the show, surely they can figure out how to stop breeding.


otter said...

I couldn't agree more. They can find their way to the bank to cash a check but can't figure out how to keep their legs closed???

Cactus Kate said...

This is a COMPLETE fucking outrage. $15.50 an hour and the family receive all those tax dollars back.

He's a working beneficiary if ever I saw one.

I look forward to throwing up over your shoes when we discuss it in a couple of weeks time.

jackryan said...

I think they missed out an O in the redistributed joke of a tax system, it's working for OTHER families.

Bryan Spondre said...

What the fuck ? That is outrageous.

So their effective pre-tax incomes is around $70K. Jesus Christ what kind of fucked up education system are we running where you can get a tertiary education and still be dumb enough to have 6 kids on 15.50 per hour? It's the old adage you get what you pay for. The Labour Government is paying for a new generation of welfare beneficiarys to vote them back into power.

unPC lesbian said...

I wish I earned $70k....

Kitten Power said...

Alright, who wants to be a sperm donor? I'm going to pop out four toddlers so I can finally pay for that overseas trip, which I've been slaving away at work, trying to save for.

I think I could still afford to pay a hot nanny, buy copious amounts of alcohol and save more than I am now. Hmm.

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