Monday, March 10, 2008

Hangover Squared

We had two parties to go to this last weekend and thus spent much of Sunday wondering if it was wise to get a second hangover as a cure for the first. I'm trying to decide if it's a hangover to the power of 2 therefore hangover squared, or hangover to the power of hangover thereby being hangover cubed. Whichever, it's not pretty.

Party number 2 was a costume party and I did so well with my trolley dolly costume that some guests thought I really was one of them. I did even better at being the perfect hostess, that at one point I introduced two people only to be told, it's ok, we're flatmates. Hummph....bloody lesbian flats, playing musical beds, how is one supposed to keep up.

All in all it was fun party, but not according to the back neighbour as at 11.45 pm he decided to get out his garden hose and attempt to dampen every one's spirits. Alas, his plan backfired as of course several of the butch lesbians, namely those in firefighter and rescue service outfits, decided to fight back much to the amusement of all. It really was horribly unfair of the neighbour as the music was extremely quiet, to the point where noise control would have laughed had they have been summoned.

Of course me being me there has to be a wee bit of gossip, and that is......the threesome is back! I have touched on them before, and they are back in New Zealand for a 1 year trial.

In my previous post they were referred to as Alpha, Grumpy and Puppy by the dear Mrs Smith, but from henceforth they are now Alpha, Leather and Puppy. Alpha and Leather were the only two at the party as Puppy isn't due to arrive in the country till today. As said this was a costume party, well actually a uniform party. Alpha and Leather were fully dressed up, the only difference being that they were wearing their own clothes. Leather, well I need say so no more, just think cliche image from top to toe. Alpha was more interesting, from a fashion perspective that is. She was wearing a green camo skirt, somewhat kilt inspired, with a black top that was very reminiscent of some early 80's Westwood/McLaren bondage gear that they used to sell in the Worlds End shop. Finished off with the obligatory combat boots. I look forward to the impact this crew is going to have on the delicate Wellington lesbian scene, especially Leather in her full outfit. Methinks the boys are going to be drooling as well.

I also look forward to introducing them to baby AV techie dyke. Please see the final comment on the post I've linked to above and you'll get my drift. Naturally I am very interested in how the dynamic of their relationship works, and is it similar or different from philosophy that techie dyke proposes.

Watch this space.


Mrs Smith said...

You smokin' hot!

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