Friday, March 14, 2008

Lesbian Loser

While watching TV last night I had one of those flashes of brilliance that one tends to get at the end of the third beer, and the result was a fully formed concept of a fabulous reality show.

As you know for many reasons I'm a big fan of "The Biggest Loser", and yes I DID watch the one series that Jillian wasn't in, and I'll even watch the new Oz one when it airs, even though it contains neither Jillian or Bob, however I digress. My new reality show is "The Lesbian Biggest Loser".

Now obesity is a problem in the lesbian community, as many dykes seem to use being gay as a reason to eat all the pies. I have lightly touched on this topic before as I can't understand why being a dyke for many means giving up all concern for their appearance, and yes I publicly admit that I'm deeply shallow and want to feel that I am attractive to all genders. However again I digress.

The format for this show is exactly the same as the current format, that is having 3 teams with 3 trainers being, Barbie, Jillian, and Jackie, or should I say straight, possible, and totally out.

Now don't you all think this is just a great idea!! I can see lesbians queuing up to take part, gosh I'd even consider eating to extreme just to get a place, oh but then I'd have to face the dilemma of "who would I prefer to train me?".

So maybe one of my dear American readers may like to pitch this idea to NBC, as a credit I'll take a week of workouts with maybe Jackie.......oh, but then Barbie could be amusing..... but then if I had Jillian she might be all forceful and yell at me loudly.......but then Jackie.......oh, oh.......


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