Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hiss, Spit, Humph!

Silly, silly me. I have just found out that the fight of the century is not going to be shown on free to air tv. That kills my plans for Saturday night, may have to go out to a party instead, or gatecrash anothers gin and guitar hero marathon.

When I watch these fights I sit there willing a knock out in the first few rounds, even better an almost knock out and a dazed fighter wandering round thinking they're ok. However, as viewing this bout seems to be only for the privileged few I hope it goes the full length, (and no I don't know how long that is because if it's not over in 4 rounds I've switched off) and that it ends up being one of those dull points results.

Surely the advertising revenue for free to air transmission would far exceed that of pay per view?


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