Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Jillian Michaels a Lesbian #4

A commenter on an earlier Jillian Michaels post has said that Jillian is straight because there is an image on her facebook page of her in a hot tub with "my gorgeous boy". After looking at all the images I have decided he is either her brother or oldest friend as shown in another image.

The following photo's however just continue the speculation. Vanessa, or "V" appears in many shots and the one below has them holding hands with FINGERS INTERLACED........

However, the one below with V and Jillians brother looks innocent until you look at where V's left hand is......

I rest my case.


WolfsGotYourTongue said...

Alright! So, I totally agree with you and have had a secret desire to put the pieces of jillian's sexuality puzzle together ever since I got the 30-day shred video...
Piece of evidence #yesterday on her facebook.. she just adopted a dog and named it Harley Michaels-Rhoades..

I don't know whose last name is Rhoades, and Vanessa's is Marcil.. thus the plot thickens :)


AJ said...

her and Vanessa could just be buddies.

either way Jillian is a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

like i said in your post #3...earlier someone posted on her facebook comments unter the picture of "mouse" about how she went to penn state and has a twin..that's where i got the info from that i gave you about HEATHER RHOADES, her girlfriend. :) your welcome

Anonymous said...

oh the way that post was removed shortly after it was posted, about an hour or so. (proves shes hiding it, cuz it pointed to the obvious).

Anonymous said...

nope. :) if you follow her facebook and twitter- she commented herself after seeing the "is V your gf?" posts and said "whoa whoa, she's my best friend. that's it. sad that two women cannot be close without speculation."
and i think a week later she basically came out dating heather rhoades. good times.

Anonymous said...

I'm finished with this JM IS or IS NOT.

Thank you all.

I have enjoyed myself.

JillFan4life said...

Wow whether she is a lesbian or not, ya should not be putting her on blast! Vanessa is just her BFF. Maybe the reason she DOESNT want to come out is because of people critizing her! You know how the media is! I love Jillian regardless of her sexual preference!

unPC lesbian said... one is critizing her, we all love her to bits....and lust after her madly.

She is a public figure who makes her loot by being in the public eye, this is BRAND Jillian Michaels we are looking at.

When you are a public media figure having people speculate about you is part of the game. Fuk me if everyone treated all public figures in such a virtuous manner then half the worlds magazine production would die.

This concept has also been discussed in threads 3 and 2.

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